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Universities are not Islands

April 10, 2014

This announcement of the UW-Madison’s participation in the new National Computing Collaboration was two years in the making. It is the culmination of a vision first expressed by Clemson CIO Jim Bottum to many of his colleagues that we could do better if we pooled our talents and our expertise to build new models of collaborative support for advanced computing.

The major message is that none of us can afford to do things by ourselves. Flying solo is an outdated model, pointing back to times when funding for higher education was at a much higher level than today. Today we must scale better, and collaborate better, in order to continue to advance the missions of our nations universities.

This effort of six universities to work together to create human infrastructure services in support of science is the leading edge of more to come. Eventually, public and private universities, the private sector, and national funding agencies will all work together in this way to create scale opportunities that none of us could create alone.

At the University of Wisconsin, we welcome this. We have had a long history of sharing our talent both locally, and internationally, to tackle big challenging problems. In earlier times, this was voluntary. Now it is increasingly mandatory.

We will keep you informed as this specific national collaboration continues to take shape. If you or someone you know is interested in exploring career options as a research computing facilitator, please email me. Our long-term goal is to sustain this effort beyond the NSF funding period.


-- Bruce


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