Cybersecurity Awareness Month, October 2013

Throughout the month of October, campus IT support staff, faculty, researchers and students have the opportunity to learn tips and get the products they need to manage the security of their campus and personal computers. Get the FREE help you need and find great tech products to avoid these all-too-common computing hazards: viruses, phishing scams and stolen credentials. Watch this space for updates.

Laptop/computer Health Check

Throughout the month of October, bring your laptop to the DoIT Help Desk at Computer Sciences (1210 W. Dayton Street), 333 East Campus Mall, or the Health Sciences Learning Center (750 Highland Avenue) for a complete free security checkup. We will assess your machine and will suggest security steps. Or, leave your computer with us, and we'll make the updates within two business days. See details on locations and hours.

Products to help protect your computer and devices

The DoIT Tech Store sells a number of quality products to help keep your computer, devices and data safe.

Security Presentations

There's no need to register for these events -- just show up!

"Safety and Security for Students and Faculty Traveling Abroad"

Sponsored by the FBI and Office of Campus Information Security

Speakers: Byron P. Franz, Special Agent and Ed Lawson, Special Agent

  • October 8: 12 ­– 1 p.m., Memorial Union, see TITU
  • October 15: 12 ­– 1 p.m., Union South, see TITU
  • October 31: 12 ­– 1 p.m., Health Science Learning Center, Room 1220

This presentation will provide students and faculty members with information on national security threats and unsafe situations to be aware of while traveling overseas. Special attention will be paid on how to protect sensitive research and intellectual property and how students and faculty members can access UW-Madison and FBI informational resources available to mitigate travel risks.       

"ASERT's DDoS Malware Corral"

Speaker: Jason Jones, security research analyst with Arbor Networks' ASERT 

  • October 9: 10 – 11 a.m., Union South, see TITU

In the never-ending search for new DDoS malware families, ASERT's malware corral processed over 2 million samples in 2012. In this talk we will share some details on a handful of lesser-known bots, what the bot does to an infected host, including its command and control (C&C) communications, and what the DDoS attack traffic looks like. While names like HOIC, Dirt Jumper, and Brobot are familiar in the infosec media, we will cover new ones such as DarkDDoser, Paradise, and Athena.

"Protecting Your Privacy Online -- How to Avoid Scams, Identity Theft, Stalking, Online Regret, and Other Scary Things"

Speaker: Nick Davis

  • October 10: 9 - 10 a.m., Union South - Landmark (3rd Floor)
  • October 24: 11 a.m. - 12 noon, Union South - Fifth Quarter Studio (2nd Floor)

Whether you are strolling through the Union, sitting in a lecture hall,  waiting for class to begin, or out to lunch with colleagues, it seems that almost everyone uses Social Networking sites. While these services are great ways to stay connected with friends and family and potentially advance your career, they also present some new and challenging situations, many of which can be a little frightening.

This presentation will go far beyond the standard advice of using strong passwords and not sharing potentially embarrassing pictures. We will pull back the curtain to examine the complex techniques that leverage social media to invade your private life and outline the steps you can take to protect yourself. The presentation is not about bits and bytes, but rather about human behavior and tangled webs we unknowingly weave with our online presence. If you have ever felt even a little weary when using social networking, then this presentation is for you!

See his presentation here.

“Using a Password Manager – Are Your Passwords Safe?

Speaker: Ryan Leavitt, Division of Information Technology (DoIT) Security

  • October 22: 12 – 1 p.m., Grainger Hall – Directors Room (4151)

We will provide a review of passwords and how to best manage them, dispel the myths of management tools, highlight the benefits of actively managing your passwords, and demo a password management product.

See his presentation here.