Saving the earth, one desktop at a time

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Computing pollutes. A 2009 New York Times story points out that the IT industry's contribution to global carbon emissions is similar to that of aviation worldwide. Growing consumer demand for hardware, software and services will fuel large increases in carbon emissions related to computing. By 2020, the number of personal computers in use will quadruple to four billion, doubling the emissions of carbon from IT.

UW-Madison is working on a local solution to this global problem. To educate the campus community on the importance of sustainable computing and to promote a greener campus, the Office of the CIO and campus partners have launched the Red, White & Green campaign.

The campaign has a broad focus. While encouraging the efficient and responsible use of IT by individuals and the campus, it also promotes the application of technology as a means of reducing the campus's carbon footprint; for example through instructional technology, telecommuting, and electronic submission of course assignments.

See the Red, White & Green campaign site for information on current initiatives, events, green resources, and more.