Campus IT Policies

For all Faculty, Staff, Students and Guests

Other campus policies listed below may also apply.

All Campus IT Policies Published by the Office of the CIO

Title Revised
Access to Faculty and Staff Electronic Files 10/1991
Cellular Phones 8/2007
Collection of Personal Identity Information via Email (pdf) 6/2009
Electronic Devices Connected to the Network 3/2004
Email Servers 12/2004
Guest NetID 9/2010
Information Incident Reporting (pdf) 8/2012
IP (V4) Allocation 8/2009
Media and Device Disposal and Reuse (pdf) 2/2010
NetID Appropriate Use Standards (pdf) 12/2013
Password Standard 2/2006
Responsible Use (PDF format) 8/2011
Restricted Data Management 7/2014
Sensitive Information Definition (pdf) 9/2010
Storage and Encryption of Sensitive Information (pdf) 9/2010
Storage, Transmission and Encryption of Sensitive Information (DRAFT) 10/2013
Telephone Usage 1/2002
University Directory Service (UDS) Responsible Use
Use of Information Technology Resources (UW System) 6/1997
Use of Institutional Access Control Services (pdf) 6/2013
Vulnerability Scanning 8/2007
Web Accessibility (pdf) 9/2013

Other Related Documents

Title Revised
Computer Logging Statement 11/2005
Copyright Infringement 4/2012
Electronic Communications Guidance for University Records (pdf) 12/2011

Guidelines for Use of Non-UW-Madison Applications and Services (pdf)




HIPAA Technical Security 7/2011
IT Compliance Agreement 8/2012
IT Policy Glossary (pdf) 12/2013
IT Policy Index 12/2013
IT Policy Principles and Procedures (pdf) 4/2012
IT Policy Program Executive Summary (pdf) 7/2014
Who has sensitive information? (pdf) 8/2012

Other Policies and Procedures