The UW-Madison Information Security Team (MIST) is collaborative group of campus IT staff, management, and others with a common interest in promoting information security at UW Madison. The following information is based on the UW-MIST Charter, which can be found in unsummarized format on the UW-MIST Wiki.


  • Provide communication, guidance and leadership for campus-wide security issues and initiatives
  • Serve an advisory group to the UW-Madison Chief Information Security Officer


  • Security is everyone’s responsibility
  • Security is part of the development life cycle
  • Security is asset management
  • Security is a common understanding

Goals & Expectations

  • Provide IT security leadership for campus
  • Help establish campus IT security priorities
  • Be engaged in team activities
  • Help set meeting agendas and share issues, challenges and solutions
  • Communicate broadly and deeply within your campus organization
  • Actively represent your organization (and campus)
  • Attend UW-MIST meetings


  • Assisting in the technical coordination of IT security activities across the campus
  • Working across other university groups such as NAG, MTAG, IMLG, etc
  • Being actively involved in creating new policies and standards as well as developing new security tools and techniques
  • Assisting with coordinating university-wide communication and training initiatives in basic security practices

Membership Basics

  • Membership is structured to achieve a wide representation of campus as well as obtain input from staff knowledgeable in information security
  • Members should have an information management role in their units
  • Members should have formal information security responsibilities but this is not mandatory

For more information visit the UW-MIST Wiki (registration required).