UW-Madison has an Electronic Devices Policy that requires all campus users to run anti-virus software, keep security patches updated and, whenever possible, maintain a dedicated firewall. You should also follow the best practices below to protect yourself and contribute to a safer computing environment for everyone.

Important: If you are part of a department with its own IT resources, you should check with your department IT administrator before installing software or reconfiguring your work computer. If you are not part of a managed system, you are a student or you access UW resources from a home or other computer, you should take these steps yourself.

  1. Install Symantec AntiVirus Software (It’s free to campus!)
  2. Use a Firewall
  3. Use Spyware Protection
  4. Keep Your Operating System Patched & Install Updates Automatically
  5. Use Strong Passwords
  6. Use Virtual Private Network (VPN) Software
  7. Disable File Sharing
  8. Backup Your Data
  9. Keep Your Versions Up-to-Date
  10. Prevent Unauthorized Use and Laptop Theft
  11. Scan Your Computer

If you have questions on any of these steps, contact the DoIT Help Desk or call (608) 264-HELP (4357).