Download Symantec AntiVirus

A virus is a program or piece of code that is able to generate copies of itself; disrupting, in some cases permanently damaging, data files and programs as it spreads.

New viruses are written and released on a daily basis. Viruses evolve frequently, which makes them more difficult to detect. They spread rapidly and through different means, including email attachments, infected document files, Web sites that contain hostile code, and unprotected file shares. Your computer may be vulnerable to virus attacks if you are not using anti-virus software and/or updating it regularly.

Using the anti-virus included on the Security Starter Software will help keep your computer protected. Download Symantec AntiVirus, and be sure to configure your computer to update your virus definitions daily, automatically.

And remember, it’s not enough just to install anti-virus software, you need to use it consistently to scan your hard drive, zip disks and other files for viruses. If your computer does become infected with a virus, it is possible that it will be disconnected from the network to keep the virus from spreading.

Note: If you already have a different version of Symantec or another type of anti-virus software installed, be cautious. Many of these versions can expire and stop allowing updates. Users with an expired version of anti-virus software are very vulnerable to virus threats. Also, new computers often come with trial versions of anti-virus software. Having two different anti-virus programs installed on one computer can cause conflicts. Always uninstall the anti-virus software that came on your computer before installing the Symantec software provided by DoIT.